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Alley Williamson
Customer Service Manager
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“The Department of Safety Management at Slippery Rock University needed to develop a Fire and Training Center to be utilized with the Comprehensive Emergency Management and Fire Services course. The development of a Center was essential in providing the Safety Majors with hands-on experience in all areas of fire protection.

Chuck Muchoney, General Manager of Fire Fighter Sales & Service was contacted because of his organization’s strong reputation in the field of fire protection. Mr. Muchoney and his staff spent numerous hours designing and installing a state of the art facility. They also provided staff to train the faculty and students and were always available.

Whenever safety professionals, companies that are recruiting our students or potential students visit our Department, I always bring them into the Fire and Training Center. They are amazed by the fire protection equipment in the Center. Our students have also been extremely thankful for the education provided by the hands on equipment in the Center. The Department is extremely pleased to have a strong relationship with Fire Fighter Sales& Service.”

Dr. Joseph Cali
Department of Safety management

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