Electronic Safety

Businesses today are in need of more than a security system. They are in need of a security solution! From clients with single sites to large global firms, the professionals at Fire Fighter Sales & Service Company have the knowledge and skills to work with any size firm to create a customized solution.

An in-depth system analysis will provide us with a picture of where you are today and an overview of where you plan to be tomorrow.  We will help to create an electronic security solution for you that will anticipate future growth and development to allow for easy upgrades, etc.

Card Access

As a property or facility manager or as the person who is responsible for ensuring the facility is locked up after business hours, your main responsibility is to eliminate the risk that someone will enter your facility in order to steal or vandalize your property.

Locks and keys prevent unauthorized personnel from entering a building, however, keys are easily lost, stolen or may not be turned in when an employee leaves a company. In these cases, in order to prevent unauthorized entry, the locks would need to be changed and new keys distributed. This creates an inefficient and costly burden on the company.

Card Access Systems enhance your overall protection plan for managing risk. These systems are quickly becoming the most popular method of protecting facilities. With a card access system, all doors of the facility can remain locked at all times, except for those doors that are used by customers, typically remaining open only during hours of operation.

Benefits of Card Access Systems:

  • HR Interface – data is entered once, reducing errors
  • Accessibility of Information – In the event of an emergency, access to which employees may still be in the building.
  • Controlled Entry into authorized areas – This allows a facility to manage the number of employees allowed into certain areas like computer rooms.
  • Hard and Soft Anti-Passback – In these cases, the turnstile will not allow a card to be used more than once. Soft Anti-Passback will allow access; however, it is reported so that a manager may take later action.
  • Input/Output linking – If an entrance is breached, for example, the lights may turn

Managing the entry and exit is important for a variety of reasons, particularly in facilities where there may be a need to control access to proprietary information, the need to perform certain procedures only if there is no one in the facility, etc.

Facilities that manage document control or have a significant amount of personal and/or medical records also have a need to protect this information and the personnel that have access to it at all times.

At Fire Fighter Sales & Service Company we offer an extensive line of Access Control Systems. We offer a variety of systems to meet the unique needs of a variety of organizations including:

  • Biometric and HID Proximity Readers
  • Gate Control
  • Metal Detection Systems
  • Photo ID Badge Systems
  • Physical and Optical Turnstiles

Let the professionals at Fire Fighter Sales & Service Company help guide you through each step of the equipment selection process. They will provide recommendations on equipment and placement, and manage your project from quote to implementation, installation, and training.


Intrusion detection provides security for a business by using monitoring and detection equipment. These systems create a strong defense with visible deterrents, like cameras, and hidden sensors. The professionals at Fire Fighter Sales & Service Company will perform a system analysis that will help determine the security system that will work best for you.

Securing the premises of your building is a good first step and includes a range equipment and technology that work together to alert you at the first sign of an attempted intrusion.

  • Door contacts are used for all windows that can open and all entry doors.
  • Glass break detectors use sound or vibration sensing to trigger an alarm.
  • Motion detectors sense movement near points of entry.
  • Outdoor surveillance cameras act as a deterrent.

The professionals at Fire Fighter Sales & Service Company provide expert design, installation, and servicing of intrusion detection systems. We also help maximize the benefits of your systems by providing integration services for your card access, IP video, fire alarm and other building systems to work more efficiently and effectively. This gives you the most benefit for your investment.

IP Video

Each industry is faced with its own unique set of security issues.  Whether you are looking to provide security for improved safety, as a deterrent for vandalism or loss prevention, an IP video system and video management can be modified to achieve a number of goals.

Why IP video?  This technology helps to achieve greater security and provides higher quality video with more detail than a typical analog camera including

  • facial recognition,
  • the ability to discern license plates and
  • can also be upgraded to include thermal imaging for clear images at night.

The experts at Fire Fighter Sales & Service Company have extensive knowledge and experience working with a variety of industries, helping to provide customized security solutions in order to minimize risk.  Fire Fighter Sales & Service Company is an industry leader in systems integration for IP-based video.

Our own network certified personnel are responsible for providing the service and maintenance on all systems that will ensure the equipment performs optimally.  These systems may include a combination of the following network cameras:

  • IP video cameras
  • Fixed cameras
  • Fixed domes,
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras
  • PTZ domes,
  • HDTV
  • Thermal cameras for day/night and indoor/outdoor use

Video Encoders/Decoders

With the use of video encoders, businesses that currently utilize analog video cameras can cost-effectively integrate these units into an IP-based video system.  Encoders will convert analog video into IP video while decoders can convert IP video into analog.  Depending on the service you need, Reliable will help to develop a solution to meet your needs.

Video Management

Your network video capability is capable of more than just streaming your security video footage.  Let the professionals at Fire Fighter Sales & Service Company assist you with maximizing your network capabilities.  Our video management software will allow remote viewing, recording and event management.


Fire Protection and Security in Retail Facilities

Fire protection and security in retail spaces can be easily integrated to save you time and money. As a manager of a retail establishment, there are numerous considerations to be made in order to protect your facility and inventory.  Shrinkage is a serious concern of many retail establishments.  One solution that can act as a deterrent to theft is a fully integrated security system, which includes the use of CCTV and video alarm monitoring.

Fire Fighter Sales & Service Company specializes in a variety of services for retail property owners including:

  • Fire Alarms, Inspections & Maintenance
  • Portable Extinguishers
  • IP Video Cameras, Security Systems, and Video Monitoring

The professionals at Fire Fighter Sales & Service Company have vast industry knowledge and experience to help create a customized solution for your retail environment.

  • They will perform a system analysis that will identify areas of vulnerability or concern.
  • Strategic placement of equipment will allow you to view all areas in an attempt to prevent theft.

An integrated life safety and security system from Fire Fighter Sales & Service Company provides

  • complete protection for your personnel, property, and assets
  • an inspection and maintenance plan

These two things ensure that your systems continue to operate effectively.

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