Following proper fire safety regulations is important for all types of commercial buildings in Pennsylvania. Most building owners understand the importance of setting up and testing fire alarms and fire suppression systems; however, an aspect of fire safety that is often overlooked is your building’s emergency and exit lighting. 

In the following paragraphs we will examine the importance of emergency and exit lighting system testing and the best way to perform it.

Exit Lighting vs Emergency Lighting?

Before discussing the importance of emergency lighting testing, it’s important to understand the difference between exit lighting and emergency lighting. 

Exit Lighting – Exit lighting refers to those illuminated red “EXIT” signs that are found at the opening of an exit. These are easy to spot as they are always illuminated. They usually run on a backup power supply and can continue to function for 90 minutes if a fire knocks out the main power in the building.

Emergency Lighting – Emergency lighting is more difficult to spot outside of an emergency situation. These are lights that illuminate only when power is lost, and help guide building patrons towards exits.

How Often Should You Test Your Emergency Exit Lighting System?

Your typical exit lighting emergency system consists of both exit lighting and emergency lighting. According to the  NFPA 101 LSC and Standard Fire Prevention Code both these systems need to pass both monthly and annual tests. Here’s what each test looks for:

Each Month – The monthly testing for these systems involves operating the emergency lighting for 30 seconds to make sure all lights are functional and without obvious issues.

Annually – The annual test for an emergency lighting system involves a more rigorous test that takes around 90 minutes. This test needs to be conducted by professionals.

In addition to performing the standard operation tests, building owners will need to identify any problems with their emergency systems. This includes:

  • Exit signs that are pointed in the wrong direction.
  • Exit signs that are obscured from view.
  • Rooms that do not contain the required lighting.

Why Hire a Professional for Tests?

Commercial building owners in Pennsylvania should turn to Fire Fighter Sales & Service Co. for assistance with their emergency exit lighting system tests. Our crew consists of highly trained and certified professionals who can carry out these tests thoroughly and efficiently to ensure that your building is up to code with NFPA regulations.

We can help replace or repair any damaged or non-functional components in your emergency and exit lighting system. Our technicians are equipped with all standard replacement bulbs, and can check that your charging system is compatible with the installed battery. 

We also provide inspections and installations of fire suppression systems, alarms, security, and handheld fire extinguishers for building owners, allowing you to truly have a “one-stop shop” for everything you need to keep your facilities safe, secure, and up to code. 

If you haven’t had your emergency exit lighting checked by a professional recently,  contact Fire Fighter Sales & Service Co. today and we’ll set up a time for our certified technicians to give your systems a thorough inspection. We look forward to hearing from you!