According to the U.S. Fire Administration’s National Fire Incident Reporting System, over 37,000 fires are reported annually on commercial and industrial property. In fact, 17% of fires originate in processing areas and workrooms, costing billions of dollars and thousands of lives each year. 

The most common origins of industrial fires include electrical, lighting, cooking, heating, and other industrial equipment. Awareness regarding fire hazards in industrial and commercial properties can save both lives and money. 

While human error remains the leading cause of fires, here are some other common causes of industrial fires:

Commercial Kitchen Fires

Commercial kitchens are a very high risk for industrial fires. The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) reports that more than 7,400 fires occur in eating and drinking establishments on average each year. Cooking equipment such as deep fryers cause 61% of fire incidents. Adhering to fire codes, taking necessary precautions, and having properly inspected fire protection systems can greatly reduce the likelihood of commercial kitchen fires. Fire Fighter Sales & Service Co. inspects and services kitchen hood systems, which also greatly reduce the likelihood of commercial fire by putting a fire out before it can become larger.

Combustible Dust in Manufacturing Factories

Combustible dust is a major cause of fires in food processing, pharmaceutical, woodworking, and chemical industries. Dust can lodge in small crevices, causing friction in equipment that leads to sparks. What starts as a spark can quickly grow into a large, dangerous flame, and secondary explosions can happen if the dust becomes airborne. 

Flammable Liquids and Gases

If exposed to a fire source, flammable liquids and gases can cause high-scale explosions. These explosions are so quick and deadly that there’s barely time to escape, and can cause severe property damage and physical harm to human lives in the explosion’s vicinity. Proper caution is necessary to keep them from igniting. 

Electrical Wiring in Industrial Properties

Electrical fires are one of the most common causes of fire in manufacturing and commercial industries. Exposed electrical wiring with heavy loads can cause sparks and fires, and other electrical hazards include overloaded circuits and outlets, static charge, extension cords, and more. Regular maintenance and routine inspections of fire equipment must be done to reduce the chances of an electrical fire.

Fires in Office Properties

The NFPA reports that there are 3,340 fires in office properties annually, with a vast majority in business offices. Most of these fires are caused by cooking appliances, faulty wiring, overloaded electrical outlets, heating equipment, and smoking materials. 

The Bottom Line

Fire Fighter Sales & Service Co. employs highly skilled experts to install, inspect, and provide proper maintenance of fire safety systems, keeping your property up to code and leaving you with peace of mind. 

If you haven’t had your business’ fire alarms, sprinklers, hood systems, or other fire protection systems inspected and serviced recently, contact us to set up a time for our experts to come to your facility. 

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