Every workplace is required by law to have proper fire protection. If you look around any store, office, restaurant, healthcare facility, or any other commercial property, you will see fire alarms, sprinklers, and handheld fire extinguishers. 

However, it’s an unfortunate reality that many of the people working in these facilities may not have the training to properly use these fire extinguishers should an emergency arise. 

In order to avoid a potential disaster, we strongly encourage all businesses to require fire extinguisher training so that all employees can learn how to choose the right fire extinguisher and how to use it properly.

If you own or manage a business, here are 4 reasons to train your team how to use a fire extinguisher:

1. Your Employees Need To Choose The Right Fire Extinguisher

There are many different types of fire extinguishers, each with a different purpose. Fires are categorized by classes (A-D) according to the fuel source it uses, and each type of fire is best suppressed with a different type of fire extinguisher. 

Employees without proper training may not know the difference between the types of fire extinguishers available, and may use the wrong tool for the job. Depending on the type of fire, this can actually make the fire worse, causing more damage to your property and a greater risk to your people. 

2. Your Employees Need To Know How To Use Each Fire Extinguisher

Choosing the right type of fire extinguisher is only part of the battle. Your employees must also know how to properly use the equipment in order to successfully put out a fire. Though fire extinguishers are in almost any building, there are many people who have never operated—or even held—a fire extinguisher. 

You don’t want the first time that someone holds a fire extinguisher to be in a high stress, potentially deadly situation, so proper training and adequate practice using these devices are essential to building a comprehensive emergency action plan. 

3. It May Be Required By Law.

In many areas, it is required by law to require fire extinguisher training for your employees. Depending on your industry, OSHA may require this training as well. 

If you’re not sure whether your company is required to train your employees on the proper use of fire extinguishers, check your emergency response policy. If your ERP requires any employee to use a fire extinguisher in the event of a fire, or if the plan doesn’t explicitly state that all employees must immediately evacuate the building in the event of a fire, then your people will need hands-on training on how to properly and effectively use your fire safety equipment. 

4. It May Save Lives And Protect Your Assets

Most importantly, fire extinguisher training may one day save the lives of your employees and customers. When you properly train your employees and invest in the right safety equipment, you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that you are doing everything you can to keep your people as safe as possible. 

You can also be confident that your property, your business, and your investments are safer from fire because you have taken steps to ensure that everyone knows what kind of fire extinguishers are available and how to properly use them. 

Putting It All Together

A professional fire extinguisher training course will help you keep your people and your property safer, but you also need to have the right tools for them to use in case of a fire. Fire Fighter Sales & Service Co. has been the first name in fire protection for the Pittsburgh tri-state area for over 75 years. We offer fire extinguisher training courses as well as the most comprehensive, highest quality fire protection products and services in the life safety industry. With a team comprised of experts in design, installation, testing and maintenance, Fire Fighter will be there for you from start to finish.

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