Let’s talk about fire sprinkler systems.

If you walk through any property, whether residential, commercial, or industrial, you’ll likely notice fire safety measures. One of the most common and critical installations in fire safety that you’ll notice is a property’s fire sprinkler system. Above your head, you’ll see sprinkler heads installed in the ceiling, ready to douse a flame at the first sign of fire. These systems, though common, are vital to the safety of a building and require an understanding as a building owner.

Understanding how a fire sprinkler system works, why it’s important, and how to properly take care of one will increase the safety of your property and your patrons.



Let’s start with the basics: what exactly does a sprinkler system do to fight fires? How do they work?

One could simply say that they’re triggered by smoke and shoot out water. This is only partially correct. They do, indeed, release water upon trigger. The sprinkler head is connected to the home or building’s water system behind the wall or ceiling. Water is constantly “at the ready” as it is always in the piping, leaving no wait time for water the moment it’s needed in the emergency.

The difference, however, is what exactly is triggering the sprinkler system. It is most commonly assumed that smoke sets off the sprinklers; however, that’s false. The sprinklers are temperature sensitive. The fire sprinklers are set off by a change of temperature; when the surrounding temperature rises above a designated point, the sprinkler activates, spraying high pressure water.

That said, cigar smoke, a lot of blown out birthday candles, or burnt toast cannot set off a sprinkler system. Why? They don’t change the temperature in the room!



When a commercial building is constructed, an appropriate sprinkler system must be installed. The best time to install a fire sprinkler system is during initial construction, so it’s ready to protect both the space and the inhabitants from day one.

Those are the two main reasons why sprinkler systems are so important: protect the property and protect the people inside.

A properly functioning fire sprinkler system will dramatically increase the safety of those inside the building during a fire. This is because the effects of a sprinkler will reduce heat, flames, and smoke, allowing those inside to evacuate efficiently and safely.

The property itself will also remain protected by a well maintained sprinkler system! The property damage a fire can cause can be devastating to a homeowner or business, resulting in loss of valuable assets or worse, the loss of everything. However, with a sprinkler system, a fire can be stopped in its tracks, or at least can minimize the damage to your assets.



Fire sprinkler systems must be installed and regularly maintained by certified professionals following NFPA codes and standards as well as local specifications.

Regular, periodic inspection, and testing are the best defense against system failure so that you may continue to operate your business securely and efficiently. The experienced professionals at Fire Fighter Sales & Service Company can keep track of your inspection due dates and notify you when it is time for your system to be serviced. Our well-trained staff will keep your property code-compliant and operational at all times, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your property is safe and up to code.



Installing, understanding, and maintaining the proper sprinkler system for your property is critical for the safety of you, your patrons, and your property. Don’t wait until it’s too late to install a system or update your current one. Call us at Fire Fighter Sales & Service Company to determine your specific sprinkler system needs. We look forward to protecting you!