Don’t Leave Your Security Up To Chance.

Don’t leave your security up to chance.  Fire Fighter offers access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection and much more to provide you with the best solution possible to keep your property safe and secure.

Our NICET certified technicians are experts in system integration and our capabilities will allow you to have more centralized control over your your life safety and security systems.

From clients with single sites to large global firms, the professionals at Fire Fighter Sales & Service Company will use an in-depth analysis to create a customized electronic security solution specific for you. 

Fire Fighter Offers The Following Types of Electronic Safety Systems:


Whether it be during business hours or after, it is crucial that no unauthorized personnel enter your facility to prevent any unwanted activity. Fire Fighter’s complete installation of a card access system will enhance your overall protection plan. While keys are easily lost or stolen and the changing of all locks and distribution of new keys would be inefficient and costly, card access has the capabilities to activate and deactivate cards when necessary as well as keep tabs on who is in and out of the office in the event of an emergency. Other benefits of card access systems are controlled entry into authorized areas, hard and soft anti-pass back, and input/output linking.

Whether you are in need of controlled access to proprietary information, document control, or medical records, Fire Fighter offers an extensive line of Access Control Systems to manage your facility. Our systems include biometric and HID Proximity Readers, Gate Control, Metal Detection, Photo ID Badge and Physical and Optical Turnstiles. Our professionals will guide you through the process from implementation, installation and training to ensure you have the right equipment for your specific needs. 



Each industry is faced with its own unique set of security issues. IP video systems and video management can be used to provide security for improved safety, as a deterrent for vandalism and loss prevention.

Fire Fighter’s technology allows you to achieve greater security with high quality video and detail including facial recognition, the ability to discern license plates and thermal imaging for clearer images at night. Our experts have extensive knowledge and experience working with a variety of industries and will provide you with a customized security solution to minimize risk.

Fire Fighter Sales & Service Company will provide system integration, service and maintenance to ensure your equipment is performing optimally. We offer a wide variety of network cameras to provide you with the best combination for your property.

From fixed, to Pan/Tilt/Zoom, to HD and Thermal we have exactly what you need, and our team can assist you with maximizing your network capabilities for remote viewing, recording and event management. 


Intrusion detection systems create a strong defense with visible deterrents and hidden sensors to provide security to your business. Fire Fighter’s professionals will help you secure the premises with a range of technology and equipment that work together to alert you at the first sign of an attempted intrusion.

With door contacts, glass break detectors, motion detectors and outdoor surveillance cameras, your property is fully prepared to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing your building. Fire Fighter’s expert staff provides design, installation and servicing of your intrusion systems. 


Extensive cable networks are a large part of all business activity and communication, so it is crucial these are working properly.

Our team at Fire Fighter will install a standard compliant structured cabling system to eliminate extensive down time and ensuring business processes and employee productivity are functioning at their best.

Our professionals will perform a project assessment and have the knowledge to take care of your specific business needs.

Aura Air Filter


Indoor air is recirculated over and over again, and can contain viruses, bacteria, mold and contamination.

A proper air filtration system can detect indoor and outdoor air quality in real-time to target and disinfect 99.9% of airborne particles.

We install and service Aura Air intelligent air filters that can help minimize your exposure to these harmful particles, monitor your air quality in real time, and keep you, your staff, and your customers breathing cleaner air.


HALO Smart Sensor

Privacy Area Security Sensors

When you can’t place a camera or record conversations in an area with privacy concerns, it can be a challenge to keep that area secure. 

We install and service HALO Smart Sensors in privacy areas, which can detect gunshots, check air quality, and react based on a spoken keyword.  

If environmental changes are detected in these privacy concern areas, these sensors can send email, text and security platform alerts to designated security personnel.

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