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      Let us Light The Way.

      Exit and Emergency Lighting provide assistance with lighting and direction in the case of an emergency. They use batteries as a secondary source of power to ensure they are operational during blackouts and other crisis.

      This safety product is particularly important in poorly lit buildings with minimal natural light, as they guide people through the correct route in exiting the building. These products need to be inspected on an annual basis to ensure safety and continued operation.

      • Exit Signs & Emergency Lights
      • Exit Door Lock
      • Batteries & Accessories

      Fire Fighter Offers The Following Types of Emergency Lighting Systems:


      We offer installation of new or replacement units where equipment can be surface mounted on the wall or ceiling provided there is an existing electrical connection or junction box. 


      NFPA requires that emergency lighting be checked monthly for a 30 second functionality test and annually for a 90-minute discharge test. We can provide these services along with documentation of the maintenance. Our technicians carry replacement batteries and bulbs to meet your equipment’s requirements, and we can also test the charging system to verify it is able to maintain your new replacement battery. 


      We carry replacement units for standard and LED emergency lighting units, exit signs, combination signs (exit with spotlights), and remote indoor or outdoor spot lights. 

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