The Perfect Solution for Home and Office Fire Protection.

When it comes to providing and servicing your portable fire suppressant products, Fire Fighter is your one-stop shop.

Our team installs, repairs and services fire extinguishers, kitchen fire systems and fire hose systems, both in the field and in our licensed workshop.

Contact us today by phone or email with any service portable service requests.

Fire Fighter Offers The Following Types of Fire Extinguishers & Cabinets:


We offer quality AMEREX extinguishers for all of your class A, B, C, D and K fire extinguisher needs including Clean Agent Halotron and other specialty extinguishers.


Surface mounting is generally available for all extinguishers, cabinets and brackets in buildings. We do not offer machine or vehicle mounting but we are more than happy to provide the necessary brackets for self-install. 


We offer quality American made fire hoses for your occupancy use needs and replacements. We also offer testing, onsite or offsite, for your existing occupancy use fire hoses. 

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