Industries Served

Fire Fighter Works With Many Industries, Including:

Property Management

Office Buildings, Apartment Complexes, and more. 

HealthCare & Hospitals

Hospitals, Private Practices, and other Healthcare Facilities.



Public & Private Schools, College Campuses, and other Educational Facilities.


Industrial Processing, Steel Mills, Manufacturing Plants, and other Industrial Facilities.

Property Management


One of the most critical roles in managing property is to ensure the safety and security of your facility. Fire protection systems are mandated for all buildings in order to safeguard the lives of building occupants and protect the building owners and its content from loss due to fire.

While security systems protect and provide so only those with permission are granted access to your property.

Fire Fighter’s professionals are high skilled and trained to install and provide proper maintenance of both of these safety systems in a variety of buildings leaving your property up to code you with peace of mind.

Healthcare & Hospitals

At Fire Fighter, we understand that healthcare facilities require complex systems as a part of their Life Safety initiatives, and our expert staff is fully prepared to provide you with unique design and installation to meet your requirements. In addition, we can assist your organization with compliance to the life safety components for Joint Commission Accreditation.

Our professionals will be able to assess your current degree of compliance and identify the necessary steps to ensure your emergency management processes will meet standards. By completing inspections of fire safety equipment, establishing compliance with requirements set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and training your staff your healthcare facility will be fully prepared.



Fire Fighter provides educational facilities and schools with the life safety services critical to keeping students and faculty safe.

Work with our experienced fire and life safety professionals to who will help you maintain your existing systems or work with you to install new, all while working within your budget.

Our team can perform a system analysis in order to develop a plan to maximize the value and functionality of your systems.

Our NICET certified technicians have the insight and skills to implement the system that is right for your facility.


From industrial processing and manufacturing to steel mills, Fire Fighter Sales & Service Company has the industry background and knowledge to help keep your employees and facilities protected.

Due to the hazardous and flammable materials often used or stored at these locations, fires that occur can be catastrophic. To remain constantly vigilant about your fire safety equipment and plan, choose our experts to help you prepare to prevent disaster. 

Our staff stays up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technology to provide with integrated safety and security systems that are efficient and effective.

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