Fire Protection and Security for Schools & Educational Facilities.

Did you know that there are more than 6,000 fires in our educational facilities and schools each year?

Life safety services for educational facilities and schools are a critical component to keeping students and faculty safe.

We Work Within Your Budget.

Administrators in school districts across the nation have experienced significant budget cuts creating challenges to keep outdated life safety systems operational. 

Decreasing operational budgets coupled with aging facilities and equipment have made it even more important to work with experienced fire and life safety professionals that can help you maintain the existing systems that protect those students, staff and parents in your care.

The NICET certified technicians at Fire Fighter Sales & Service Company can perform a system analysis that will help identify any system weaknesses and then assist you with developing a plan to maximize the value of your life safety systems. Fire Fighter Sales and Service Company provides these life safety services in educational facilities and schools and has expert knowledge to help implement a system that is right for you!

Educational facilities spent approximately $70 million dollars yearly on average for fire-related damage. Schools with grades from kindergarten through high school were witness to the most fire incidents, with most occurring in the kitchens and cooking areas followed by intentional settings, often in lavatories. Most are started in the trash.

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