Inspection and Maintenance Services

Regular, periodic inspection, and testing are the best defense against system failure so that you may continue to operate your business securely and efficiently.  Fire Fighter Sales & Service Company offers complete inspection and testing services for fire extinguishers, fire alarm, sprinkler systems, special hazard suppression systems and restaurant hood suppression systems.

Some of the many inspection and testing services we offer:

  • Annual inspection and recommended testing of all fire extinguishers
  • Regular periodic inspection, testing and maintenance of all types of fire protection systems
  • Regular inspection of all special hazard suppression systems including explosion suppression
  • Inspection reports transmitted electronically to the customer
  • Annual service plan automatically schedules system inspections well in advance of the expiration date
  • Barcoding of fire extinguishersfor record-keeping and inventory control

We also, provide complete fire pump testing services, and foam system testing and analysis.

UL Alarm Monitoring for Commercial and Industrial Firms

Did you know that in most buildings the greatest risk of loss occurs when the facility is unoccupied? If there is a fire or a security alarm and there is no one on site to respond to the problem, a fire can spread out of control or an intruder may commit vandalism and/or steal valuable equipment.

UL Alarm Monitoring provides an extra measure of security to protect your assets.  This type of monitoring will report a security or fire alarm to a remotely located UL listed central station.

How UL Alarm Monitoring Works with Central Stations
Various security and fire alarm systems usually connect to a digital telephone dialer. When an alarm occurs,

  • the alarm system signals the dialer to dial a pre-selected telephone number
  • and transmit a code identifying the property and the nature of the alarm.
  • The dialer calls the UL listed central station monitoring facility.
    • A central station has many different locations that report to the “central” point.
    • A central station is listed by Underwriters Laboratories as an installation complying with a set of standards for safety and security

Fire Alarm Inspection and Maintenance

You have fire alarms systems installed to protect people, property, and assets.  It is critical to keep these systems in proper working order.  It is essential that these systems are inspected and tested regularly and maintained as needed.  Inspections and testing must be performed by licensed and trained technicians. Fire Fighter Sales & Service technicians are NICET certified and receive training on the latest technologies available.

Dust, dirt, and other contaminants can prevent smoke detectors from functioning properly. Vandalism, remodeling, and poor maintenance procedures can all compromise your fire protection equipment.  Proper inspection and maintenance not only ensures compliance, it will offer the additional benefit of preventing unplanned emergency repairs and costly false alarms.

An annual inspection of fire alarm systems includes the following:

  • Confirm that central station is receiving electric signals
  • Load test all batteries
  • Test all building devices
  • Pull Stations – Physically pull down the release on the pull station to trigger the alarm and reset the pull station upon completion
  • Smoke Detectors – Spray can smoke into the detector to activate the unit and then blow compressed air into the unit to clean out the smoke and debris
  • Heat Detectors – Trigger the alarm by heat or placing a magnetic device near the detector sensors
  • Duct Detectors – Spray can smoke into the detector to activate the unit and then blow compressed air into the unit to clean out the smoke and debris or if inaccessible test the device via remote test switch
  • Horn/Strobes – test to ensure audible and visual devices are operating properly.
  • Flow Switches – Manually activate the switch and record verification at the monitoring panel.
  • Tampers – Exercise control valves until tampers activate and record verification at the monitoring panel.
Fire FighterInspection and Maintenance Services