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When it comes to providing and servicing your portable fire suppressant products, Fire Fighter is your one-stop shop.

Our team installs, repairs and services fire extinguishers, kitchen fire systems and fire hose systems, both in the field and in our licensed workshop.

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Fire Extinguishers and Brackets

Fire Extinguishers are handheld units that offer individuals the first line of fire protection and defense. They are used to put fires out when they first start and are typically seen in commercial and industrial buildings, as well as some home residencies.

We provide training classes for every classification of extinguishers to ensure our clients can use the fire protection tool properly. Fire extinguishers need to be tested yearly, with a 6-year maintenance and 12-year integrity testing to certify safety. We encourage every client to complete these steps to ensure their continued protection.

  • Fire Extinguishers
    • ABC Dry Chemical
    • BC Dry Chemical
    • Halotron I “Clean Agent”
    • Cleanguard “Clean Agent”
    • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Portable
    • Class “K” Wet Chemical
    • Stored Pressure Water
    • Cartridge Operated
    • Wheeled
  • Wall Hangers, Brackets & Adapters

Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire Safety – Everyone’s Responsibility

Approximately 1300 workplaces experience a severe fire each week. Five thousand injuries and approximately 200 deaths are reported annually in these fires. Property losses from workplace fires are more than $2 billion annually. One of the most important responsibilities you have as an employer is to protect your employees from harm.

According to OSHA, 85% of workplace fires are caused by factors directly related to human behavior. However, by implementing a fire prevention plan and properly training your employees, you can reduce the probability of a fire in your organization.

One of the most important pieces of the fire prevention plan is to train your employees in the differences and use of fire extinguishers. Fire extinguisher training helps employees identify possible fire hazards that exist in your specific environment. For example, organizations that process chemicals have very different hazards as opposed to a restaurant with large commercial ovens and fryers.

Fire Fighter Sales & Service has trained professionals that will come to your facility and train your employees at your convenience. We provide live fire as well as a simulated fire training that is used year-round. Employees participate in an interactive training session that will help prepare them to react in the event of a fire. Contact Fire Fighter Sales & Service to discuss your training needs.

Fire Hoses

Fire hoses, nozzles and brass connections are intended for firefighter use and are installed prior to occupying the building. No need to worry about meeting code requirements, we will determine which hoses to install depending on building classification and occupancy type.

Hoses are placed strategically near main water supplies within the building and typically connect to standpipe systems. Installing this fire protection service will increase occupant safety and decrease building damage.

  • Fire Hose
  • Polycarbonate Fire Hose Nozzles
  • Brass Fire Hose Nozzles
  • Racks, Reels & Covers
  • Wrenches & Axes
  • Adapters, Caps & Plugs
  • Fire Department Connections

Many commercial and industrial customers must be prepared to handle a variety of situations in order to protect their equipment and other property from fire.

Fire Fighter Sales & Service Company has a variety of

  • fire hoses,
  • couplings,
  • nozzles,
  • brass caps,
  • fire fighting monitors, and more!

It is also important that the equipment work properly when you need it. We provide hydrostatic testing and maintenance services on fire hoses and nozzles. Talk with your account manager to learn the maintenance schedule that is right for your equipment.

Single Jacket Fire Hose
Single jacket constructions consist of a thermoplastic or synthetic rubber liner combined with a closely woven textile “single jacket.” The jacket may be a combination of cotton and polyester, or 100% synthetic material.

Double Jacket Fire Hose
Double jacket constructions include a second, closely woven jacket for extra durability, safety, and higher test pressures. The jackets are matched to ensure a precision fit.

Nitrile Coated Fire Hose
Synthetic nitrile rubber provides a rugged cover for this lightweight single jacket hose intended for use in industrial environments. The deep ribbed pattern offers excellent abrasion resistance and the homogeneous heavy-duty, one-piece cover and liner construction resists heat and most chemicals.

Pin Rack Fire Hose
Pin Rack Hose is a thermoplastic lined hose intended for easy pin rack storage and maintenance. This lightweight construction is normally furnished with Underwriters Laboratories and/or Factory Mutual labels.

Covered Fire Hose
Covered fire hose is an all-polyester, single jacket hose spirally wrapped with a Neoprene or synthetic rubber outer covering. The covering gives the hose outstanding resistance to chemicals, heat, abrasion, ozone, and other conditions encountered in petrochemical and other severe environments.

Hard Suction Fire Hose
The hard suction hose is manufactured for pump suction service on fire engines. Many different styles are available from conventional, corrugated, wire reinforced, etc. The outer cover is typically made of a long wearing, ozone resistant, synthetic rubber.

Booster Fire Hose
Booster hose is a high-pressure hose, typically 800 PSI working pressure, with a vertical braid construction overlaid with a premium ozone resistant cover.

Fire Hose Nozzles, Monitors, Brass Caps & Plugs


The nozzles and brass couplings that are attached to fire hoses are as important as the hoses themselves and must be in proper working order. Similar to the idea that different fire extinguishers are used for fighting a variety of fires, there are also many different types of nozzles that have been created for a variety of situations.

Nozzles are used for three purposes:

  • to dispense a liquid over an area
  • to increase liquid surface area and
  • generate impact force on a solid surface.

As the term suggests, a spray nozzle helps to disperse liquid into a spray. In this case, a spray is a dynamic collection of liquid drops that are dispensed over an area. At Fire Fighter Sales & Service Company, our experts can help determine the type of nozzle you need.

Fire Monitors
A fire monitor is a controllable, high-capacity water jet that can be aimed in various directions and is often used for manual firefighting or automatic fire protection systems. Fire monitors are designed to be used with foam that can be injected in the upstream piping. You will often see them fitted to fire boats or tug boats, and mounted on top of some of the larger fire trucks.

Fire monitors are also used in fixed fire protection systems to protect high hazards, such as aviation hangars and helicopter landing pads. One of the benefits of a fire monitor that is mounted to an apparatus is that it can be directed by a single firefighter, compared to a standard fire hose, which normally requires several. Fire monitors can also be automatically positioned for fixed systems. They can pump up to and slightly over 2,000 US gallons per minute.

Brass Caps & Plugs
Brass caps and plugs are used on fire department connections (FDC), hydrants, valves, etc., to hold water back from spraying everywhere. Brass plugs and chains are used on fire department inlet connections to keep inlet ports free of debris. It is critical that these connections and ports remain free of any obstruction that could prevent them from working properly in an emergency. Our inspections include this equipment to make sure they are not showing signs of wear and are being used appropriately.


Cabinets house fire extinguishers and fire hoses, as well as other fire protection equipment. We match cabinets to the correct products and propose the correct cabinet for every customer, based on fire ratings and codes. Once installed, cabinets do not need to be maintained or updated unless visibly broken due to use.

Fire Fighter Sales & Service Company has a variety of fire cabinets to fit a number of sizes of extinguishers.  Call one of our professionals today to discuss your needs.  Fire cabinets and accessories available include:

  • Surface Mount
  • Semi-Recessed
  • Fully Recessed
  • Plastic Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
  • Fire Rated
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum Fire Extinguisher Cabinets
  • Parts, Brackets & Accessories
  • Cabinet Alarm
  • Padlocks & Breaker Bars
  • Key Box
  • Fire Extinguisher Vinyl Covers
Bill Sperry
Portables Division Manager
Cell 724-337-7305

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